Design Futures

The Design Futures program is an exciting and adventurous undergraduate and postgraduate design education, based at Griffith University Queensland College of Art's South Bank campus.  For more information about the program, to apply or review options in the Design program at Griffith, please visit our home page. 

A Design Futures philosophy recognises that many of the social and environmental catastrophes of the contemporary world have been caused by design, and that we need to better educate designers. Taught by an international faculty of researchers and practitioners, the program acknowledges that designers are moving beyond the role of service providers. Students are instead educated to become change agents, research based practitioners, critics, entrepreneurs, theorists, strategists and practical intellectuals. This program is for people who are interested in non-compliant methods of design practice, disruptive technologies and transgressing the borders of professional and academic disciplines.

The new four year Bachelor of Design Futures commenced in February 2013, building on the excellent reputation of the existing undergraduate degree, and the ground-breaking Master of Design Futures, which has built an international presence since its inception in 2008.

The Design Futures program aims to provide graduates and postgraduates with the means to meet emergent industry needs and expectations as well as larger future problems.  Students can expect to find themselves challenged, inspired and transformed by a learning experience that brings theory and practice in equal measure to address real problems. It’s a place where thinking designers can merge advanced digital proto-typing with drawing, in-depth research with play and re-learn lessons of history with re-thinking design for the future. This program will challenge your imagination.

The Master of Design Futures has given me the opportunity to become part of a community of like-minded people with whom I am able to work towards meaningful and lasting change.
Rebecca Barnett
Master of Design Futures, 2011 / Australia/UK