Change Community

Odessey is the platform for a lively interdisciplinary discussion on all disciplines and levels of design (both thinking and acting) enabling the re‐alignment of the position of the designer as a cross‐disciplinary radical activist by the agency of ontological design (designing things that design change) towards the creation of another future, a future supporting the sustainment of human existence.

Memefest works as a small communication/art/theory collective and wider international network.  Among other things it organises since 2002 the Festival of Socially Responsive Communication and Art – a unique and major leading edge international platform radically rethinking practices and theories of (visual) communication, media and art.

Memefest is developing new frameworks of criteria and working on changing related professions in order for them to become relevant in times of radical uncertainty and environmental degradation. Memefest web site is also a immense knowledge archive, it includes galleries of several thousand works from past festivals and the opportunity to publicly engage in dialogue about them and issues related to communication, design, media, social responsibility and social change. The web site also hosts an alternative non commercial internet social network completely free of surveillance dedicated to anyone interested in communication /design and art for social and environmental change.

DesignInquiry is a non-profit educational organization devoted to researching design issues in intensive team-based gatherings. An alternative to the design conference, it brings together practitioners from disparate fields to generate new work and ideas around a single topic. DesignInquiry is an alternative to the one-way delivery of a standard conference: each participant contributes and is equally responsible for the quality of the gathering; a collaborative production where we both learn and teach the aesthetics and ethics that are central to Design (and life). Days become nights; the program doesn’t stop when dinner is served.

Cactus is a non-profit making project presenting an opportunity for the exchange of ideas across a range of cultures, retaining a non-selective policy enabling people to disseminate their views unedited. To succeed, the network relies on the co-operation of all the participants, based on mutual communication rather than self-promotion.

For more than 20 years Inkahoots has been using visual communication as a tool of cultural critique and transformation. With work that aims to be daring and searching, their history is a close relationship with the community, cultural, and arts sectors as visual advocates and activists. The team collaborates locally and internationally on projects both large and small across a range of media. They are widely published and exhibited around the world. Inkahoots extends their social communication expertise to teaching and writing as a key part of their practice. Many members have studied, taught or are currently teaching at QCA. Born as a community access screenprinting studio / arts collective, Inkahoots continue to hustle for social change with adventurous visual communication. 

LOKi design is the creative studio of Montreal-based graphic designer and art director Kevin Yuen Kit Lo. The studio was founded in 2001 in response to the reissuing of the First Things First Manifesto out of a desire to explore alternative approaches to design practice. Coupling intensive design research with a commitment to progressive social objectives and values, LOKi design creates work that seeks to bridge the gap between art and activism. The studio also diligently maintains a traditional graphic design practice, crafting useful and attractive pieces of communication at affordable prices.

image-shift is a visual communication studio based in berlin (germany). the studio is dedicated and operates in cultural, social, educational and political contexts. the studio was founded in 1999 by sandy kaltenborn and joined by pierre maite in 2004. collaborators and clients are cultural and educational institutions, foundation, artists and curators, filmmakers, video groups, associations, unions, social and political activist groups. the studio prefers to work on a base of companionship rather than having work relations with our clients which are determined by the ideologies of the service industries. "we are not intersted in wrapping up content which society does not need - we believe in the polarisation of market vs. society - as we understand our work in favor of the second."

Design Philosophy Papers  An independent refereed journal dedicated to advancing critical thinking on design. Publishes papers on topics such as design ethics, sustainable design, service design, dematerialisation, ‘elimination design’, ‘sacred design’, and ‘beyond progressive design’. Each issue has a distinct theme. The latest issue is free online, while back issues are available only to subscribers. Many design institutions around the world are subscribers, including Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Design Philosophy Politics  Short, hard-hitting articles, critiques, debate and opinion pieces on design and the political. Contributions most welcome. A project that grew out of a collaboration between Design Philosophy Papers and the Sustainable Interaction Design Research Group (SIDRG) of the Human-Computer Interaction Design program at the School of Informatics, Indiana University, Bloomington (USA).