3rd December 2013

Keep The Fire Burning! Memefest extradisciplinary seminar/workshop/intervention

"The Memefest workshop was a fantastic conclusion to my Bachelor of Design at QCA. I learnt an incredible amount throughout the 8 day workshop in a way which I hadn't encountered throughout my entire degree. The collaboration between students, academics and The Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy played a great role in creating meaningful context for my work as a designer. The outcomes couldn't have been achieved within a normal classroom setting and I feel very lucky to have been a part of this wonderful learning experience." Thomas Roohan VCD graduate 2013

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26th August 2013

Food Democracy: Memefest/QCA-Griffith University Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention 2013 Announced

After our Friendly Competition results, here our second harvest this year, again, with fantastic outcomes. We are excited to announce this years special Memefest/ Queensland College of Art- Griffith University Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention…

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26th July 2013

Announcement on Upcoming Events

Information on upcoming Design Futures related events, After Dark: Sign City, DIAlogues Interrogation Forum on Design Education and Street Food Australia at QCA.

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27th June 2013

The HotHouse at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece-School of Architecture

What the recent history of Greece exposes is that while the powerful and the privileged will continually strive to retain their power and privileges, they are fundamentally failing to deal with the issues that are deciding the fate of humanity (and much else): planetary destruction, a climate heading toward, perhaps already in, chaos and an ever growing volume of displaced people worldwide; increasing the spread and growth of asymmetrical warfare as a feature of late-modern life.

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30th April 2013

Second Memefest/ QCA Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention

The award for Imaginative Critical Intervention is given to support critical thinking, as the ability to see situations as they are and imagine them differently in a way that can emancipate and lead to transformation through intervention. Such interventions can be many things. They create a rupture in the order of things with the goal to redefine our relationships between being, doing and saying and our fields of experience.

The Award promotes excellence in design/communication for social and environmental change.


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27th December 2012

Memefest/QCA extradisciplinary Workshop/Seminar/Intervention on DEBT was a big success

First Memefest/Queensland College of Art extradisciplinary workshop/seminar/intervention, here in Brisbane, happened in late November 2012. We invited a diverse international group to research DEBT further for ten days, to learn about it in relation to Brisbane and to intervene. The special event was part of the first Memefest/QCA Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention.

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25th October 2012

The Launch - 2012 Bachelor of Design portfolio website

The 2012 Bachelor of Design Graduates launch their brand new design portfolio website from 6pm on Friday 16th of November on campus at 226 Grey Street, South Bank, Brisbane.

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23rd August 2012

Memefest/ Queensland College of Art- Griffith University Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention

We are very excited to announce the first Memefest/ Queensland College of Art- Griffith University Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention.

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13th August 2012

Design Futures and the City

Futuring Port Hedland: Thinking the Urmadic City in the Age of Unsettlement, edited by Tony Fry and Eleni Kalantidou has recently been published by QCA . 

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10th July 2012

New journal of the Industrial Design Educators Network

Industrial Design Educators Network has just published the first issue of its journal IDEN. 

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