27th June 2013

The HotHouse at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece-School of Architecture

 What the recent history of Greece exposes is that while the powerful and the privileged will continually strive to retain their power and privileges, they are fundamentally failing to deal with the issues that are deciding the fate of humanity (and much else): planetary destruction, a climate heading toward, perhaps already in, chaos and an ever growing volume of displaced people worldwide; increasing the spread and growth of asymmetrical warfare as a feature of late-modern life.

The intent of ‘hothouse’ 3 is to bring together a dynamic collection of people from Greece and around the world in order to confront these issues in a structured way; this conversation will be grounded in the identification and elaboration of local agendas.

Its ambition is to liberate thinking that is able to begin reversing those principles linked to a Eurocentric model of making the world that is now embedded in globalism and in so doing think, and initiate, specific projects from which beginnings and directions can grow.

For the above to occur, the ‘hothouse’ will be an intensive four-day event. The first day of the event will require briefings and dialogue; the focus of the second day will be on project ideas, evaluation and selection; and, the remaining two days will focus on project development and presentations.

This HotHouse is an Urmadic University project – this university is an institution without a place in formation. Each year it moves (year one was in Brisbane, year two in Paris). However, HotHouse 3 is different: rather than talking about problems to be faced it is being situated in a problem.

Good luck and good outcomes to those taking part in the HotHouse.