26th August 2013

Food Democracy: Memefest/QCA-Griffith University Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention 2013 Announced

After our Friendly Competition results, here our second harvest this year, again, with fantastic outcomes.

We are excited to announce this years special Memefest/ Queensland College of Art- Griffith University Award for Imaginative Critical Intervention.

The award for Imaginative Critical Intervention is given to support critical thinking, as the ability to see situations as they are and imagine them differently in a way that can emancipate and lead to transformation through intervention. Such interventions can be many things. They create a rupture in the order of things with the goal to redefine our relationships between being, doing and saying and our fields of experience. Such interventions conditioned by critical thinking are tightly connected to the principle of response-ability, which is an active position of engagement and the quality to transformatively act in situations, insisting that what matters are the human implications and not only the market implications of situations.

Curated by Dr George Petelin and Dr Oliver Vodeb, the receivers of the award that will be invited to Brisbane- Australia to take part in our in residence program are:

I. Mohammad Naser (Bangladesh) for his work Seeds of Hope/Destruction in which he deals with the core of Food Democracy and life itself- the seed. Mohammad Naser is an avid photographer and a student of Photojournalism at Pathshala-South Asian Media Academy, Bangladesh. He has completed four semesters of his 3-year Diploma course. He is interested in the artistic endeavours of photographs as well as regular documentary projects that specially concern environmental issues. He also completed his masters and bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Bangladesh.

II. Eugenio Tisselli, Odilón Martínez and Families in Tlahuitoltepec (Mexico) for the work Los ojos de la milpa (The eyes of the milpa). Eugenio Tisselli was born in Mexico City, 1972. Writer and programmer. Areas of interest include artistic software, social technologies and digital narratives. His work (installation, performance, software and text) has been featured in different publications, festivals and exhibitions around the world. He was an associate researcher at Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris, and is currently teacher and co-director of the Master in Digital Arts at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. He is a PhD candidate at Z-Node, and has developed the ojoVoz platform as part of his research: http://ojovoz.net. His personal work can be seen at http://www.motorhueso.net.

III. Miha Mazzini and Marko Plahuta (Slovenia) for the work Eat for Democracy! Miha Mazzini is a writer, author of 27 published books, translated in 9 languages. His work was selected for many anthologies including Pushcart prize 2011. Screenwriter of 2 award winning feature films and writer and director of 5 short films. He holds a MA in Creative Writing for Film and Television from The University of Sheffield and a PhD in Anthropology of Everyday Life, Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Slovenia. He is voting member of the European Film Academy and works also as computer consultant specialized for user interfaces on the web and mobile phones applications.

Besides international receivers of the Memefest/QCA award we will invite also:

I. Queensland College of Art students whose submitted works have been curated in this years Friendly competition;

II. Members of local Brisbane community who have submitted works we liked a lot or are/have been involved in non institutionalised Memefest related activities.

The Workshop will take place at the Queensland College of Art and other places in Brisbane. We will work on further extradisciplinary interrogation of this years festival theme - FOOD DEMOCRACY, with the aim to critically intervene in Brisbane’s public space.

Read more about the award and check out the awarded works and curated submissions at www.memefest.org.