Professionals who already have design experience can get direct entry into the Masters of Design Futures program. This program is perfect for the disillusioned practitioner who may have become dissatisfied with being a ‘service provider’ and is looking for the next challenge. The Masters of Design Futures helps postgraduate students to critically engage with their practice and pathway, enabling them to develop as strategists and critical design thinkers, and empowering them to be change agents and leaders.

Professionals (including educators and theorists) not wanting to undertake postgraduate studies, can still become involved in the Design Futures community. Through this website professionals will have opportunities to connect with like minded people, learn and participate through events, blogs, news, and writing published in Zoontechnica. Take a look through the News, The Words and Change Community on the links above. 

I am changed as a designer. Design Futures gave me a different mindset. It was the most valuable time I ever had – it gave me a new life.
Woo Young Shin
Master of Design Futures, 2011 / Korea