The Design Futures program is an exciting and adventurous design education.

The degree is based on a Design Futures philosophy which recognises that many of the social and environmental catastrophes of the contemporary world have been caused by design.
The program acknowledges that designers are moving beyond the role of service providers, educating students to become change agents, research based practitioners, critics, entrepreneurs, theorists, strategists and practical intellectuals.

This program is for people who are interested in non-compliant methods of design practice, disruptive technologies and transgressing the borders of professional and academic disciplines.
Students can expect to find themselves challenged, inspired and transformed by a learning experience that brings theory and practice in equal measure to address real problems.This program will challenge your imagination.

The Design Futures program is scheduled to commence from Semester 1, 2013.

If you receive an OP 1-6 or equivalent and meet subject prerequisites, you're guaranteed a place in this program.

The Bachelor of Design Futures program is offered at South Bank campus and delivery is via internal mode (on-campus) with a Semester 1 intake only.

Course list and requirements can be found at griffith.edu.au/programs

Fee information can be found at griffith.edu.au/programs/fees

Students can expect to follow a wide range of career paths locally and internationally, for example:

  • A designer of interior environments, products and services, socially responsible visual communication 
  • A design strategist able to learn how to define 
  • critical problems and discover the means and resources to solve them for government, non- government and commercial organisations 
  • A designer maker familiar with the most advanced design tools and manufacturing technologies for small scale/high volume production 
  • A design manager who after gaining commercial experience would be able to run design teams and manage major design projects 
  • A design entrepreneur who can use the design and marketing knowledge they gain to create design based businesses 
  • In the future there will be more writers and critics earning a living writing for specialist journals and popular magazines 
  • A design curator of the growing number of national & international design exhibitions 
  • A design educator in schools, the further education training sector or eventually in higher education 
  • A design researcher in social and technical areas of enquiry for industry or research organisations
It makes you see the world in a completely different way. A truly enlightening experience.
Anna May (undergraduate) Design Futures
Introduction to Defuturing Class, 2012 / Australia