20th September 2013

Product Design @QCA

A video on Product Design at QCA by Beck Davis.

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3rd September 2013

After the Floods

By Peter Hall

(First published in Metropolis magazine, May 2013)

One morning in late January, heading for work under thick gray skies, I arrived at the ferry terminal to find it sitting in two feet of water. After days of torrential rain, the river had burst its banks, turning the neighborhood park into a water playground. Children splashed around in bare feet, and would-be commuters milled around bemusedly, taking photographs of the debris floating downriver, which had brought all city ferry services to a halt. The air was oddly calm, which is a curious characteristic of floods. They often creep up slowly, their worst effects happening not during the storm but afterwards, as accumulating floodwaters and tides spill onto sidewalks, into parks and basements, quietly exiting days later, leaving behind a thick coat of mud and mold. Apart from sandbags and the hasty removal of precious belongings, there’s not much you can do but retreat and wait.

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26th June 2013

Reflection on the Semester in DISC (Design in an Interdisciplinary Studio Context)

I came into the Bachelor of Design Futures as an experienced ‘studier’, almost expecting the same old uni experience ... however, through the emphasis on the interdisciplinary skills and the sustainability of the future, I come of the other side of semester one a changed student.

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12th August 2012

The Future of Design

Beck Davis, School of Design, Queensland University of Technology

 When asked about the future of design, I immediately think of two things. Firstly, I am drawn to the concept of design thinking - the process individuals go through when critically evaluating a situation, place, space or circumstance and reframing it. Design thinking is the critical reframing process. Secondly, my thoughts turn to education and the teaching of design thinking and the late philosopher John Dewey...

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10th August 2012

On Mapping and Maps

By Peter Hall

Maps can lie, wield power and even start wars. But mapping, which describes the process of selecting and plotting information spatially, suggests a way of looking beyond the finished artefact, thereby eluding the charges leveled against the map. In recent discourse, mapping emerges from the ashes of the imperial map in a blaze of hopeful rhetoric: it is participatory, generative, revealing, enabling, performative.

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