26th June 2013

Reflection on the Semester in DISC (Design in an Interdisciplinary Studio Context)

 Shanan Dallinger, Bachelor of Design Futures, QCA/Griffith University

Visual Journal

Credit: Visual Diary by Sarah Capon

I came into the Bachelor of Design Futures as an experienced ‘studier’, almost expecting the same old uni experience ... however, through the emphasis on the interdisciplinary skills and the sustainability of the future, I come of the other side of semester one a changed student.

Through the emphasis on public transport within DISC, I have changed the way I look at design. Through focusing on the sole topic it is now obvious that design is a process from start to finish and that in realms like public transport, interdisciplinary work is the answer.

Along with this, now when entering a train on my commute to uni, I appreciate the work that has gone into the subtleties of transport as a whole. As a future designer I now remember that it is impossible to design inclusively ... and that public transport truly is a “wicked problem” – by nature of being public.

I can’t wait to see how next semester continues to change my perceptions of design and to challenge me as a student of design.

This course provides students with an introduction to a holistic approach to design, design problem definition, and critical design processes. It explores basic questions of design research and practice within the context of socially and economically situated projects. The aim of the course is to give students the chance to work together on non-discipline specific design projects, to discover the excitement of design, and gain a better understanding of design in a variety of contexts.