Zoontechnica, the Journal of Redirective Design, is a bi-annual web journal in new design thinking published by the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University.

Zoontechnica has been created to voice and widen discussion on the transformation of design thinking, practice and education. It seeks to support the presentation of adventurous ideas and risk taking; to expose experimental projects; promote exchange around 'project based learning', and to express arguments for change. Zoontechnica is also especially keen to provide a forum that supports career starters and innovatory research. It accommodates writing that ranges from the highly theoretical to the popular and anecdotal, with the proviso that it is written to a high standard.

Zoontechnica aims to be different. It is not interested in the instrumental 'how to' model of design practice, research and education. It is not interested in writing on design as style. It is not interested in being a vehicle to promote the design industry. It is not interested in upholding design as a disciplinary silo - in fact it will welcome contributions on design from outside the design community - anthropology, sociology, philosophy, cultural studies, film, music, media, politics, and more. Zootechnica is not afraid of controversy.

Zoontechnica is especially interested in receiving contributions on themes like: design and the future of cities; radical design events; the critical questioning of technology; the problematics of new media and the changing nature of the visual; design and desire; design and the political; designers as change agents; the post-service designer; the displacement of design by redirective practice; and teaching innovation.

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