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on 6/10/12
Jazzie F.I. said:
While I appreciate that this project has a clear purpose - to raise awareness of the litter produced by McDonald's consumers - it doesn't feel as if the end result was as developed as it could have been. It has a very simplistic approach and shames the viewer instead of providing a solution, which has been proven to no longer be an effective advertising method as it immediately disengages the viewer. If McDonald's is removed, as Cassandra desires, then the litter will come from elsewhere. I believe that Cassandra could have broadened her research to provide a clearer message overall. Initially, I looked at this campaign without reading the information so I would have an unbiased view. Unfortunately, the message it projected was not to "clean up litter" by removing McDonald's, but to not eat McDonald's as it is ruining our bodies and community by providing an avenue to engorge ourselves and destroy family and friend connections in "fast food". However, the campaign has been nicely presented, and the professional finish on the poster and the sticker has helped her pull through.