Kartogrifa In-Flux

Designers: Tristan Schultz

Tutor: Tony Fry

Subject: Design Futures Masters

Date: 15 Oct, 2012

‘Kartogrifa In-Flux’ is a project contributing to thinking, talking and building alternative futures. It is about translating differences into value – multiplying options.

Value is found in reinscribing the past through narrative and visual reading to open up a space of conversation about alternative futures.

The project, through visual and textual narrative story telling, guides the reader through a translation process. It creates a space where it becomes possible to contemplate different imaginaries. At the project’s heart is the recognition of the urgent need for a world to shift its trajectory away from homogenised universal thought. The project has its roots in global thinking, with a connection to local thinking; by bringing to light alternative possibilities via a ‘rejected’ history in which Australian Indigenous knowledge was recognised upon ‘arrival’. The project, when engaged at any level, should be driven by an emphasis on difference, bringing down the notion of the world as a singular.

Tristan writes: "This is an interactive event. Please read, and reflect on the text and visual story. Take your time.

Follow either path, then start again and follow the other. Or, follow both at once.

Move and play with the relationships between the land, human, and the artificial. Explore options. The symbols beside the narrative will guide you to the corresponding area of the visual storytelling board.

As you traverse with the Kartogrifa In-Flux, feel the push-and-pull, the opening and closing, the transformation of difference into value, the rejection of those values as the frontier sway from status quo to the de-centred.

Recognise our options, as did the Kartogrifa In-Flux, to value more than just the one knowledge of space, time and ethics that came with the boats in 1788."