Improving Public Transport in Brisbane's South Bank

Designers: Monique Hennessy, Elizabeth Yang, Ben Gwyn

Tutor: Christine Moulder

Subject: Design in an Interdisciplinary Studio Context

Date: 9 Aug, 2015

Rendering of bike path proposal for the South Bank promenade.

Working with Business South Bank, design students in the first year Interdisciplinary Studio course explored points of tension and possible solutions that would entice more people to sustainable transportation options in the area. In their presentation to Business South Bank, the design team (Monique Hennessy, Elizabeth Yang and Ben Gwyn) noted that the markings currently put in place on the Goodwill bridge and the speed limit for the Clem Jones Promenade were not followed. Focusing on the Promenade, and how to minimise conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, the design team developed a design based on a raised section of UV powered pathway, which would be highly visible both in the daytime with vibrant colours and by night illuminating a glow. A product called StarPath was proposed, made by UK-based Pro-Teq, to create an aesthetically pleasing physical separation between pedestrians and cyclists.