A Series of Steps

Designers: John Feely

Tutor: Jason Grant

Subject: Typo 3

Date: 1 Jun, 2011

John writes: "Our current unsustainable existence is the result of a series of unknowing actions. Our 'development' from an anthropocentric to an increasingly techno-centric mode of being ensures that we move further away from a reality that supports the natural resources that sustain us and, therefore, our own well being. Throughout modern history the world that we have designed has also designed us, resulting in a series of unconsidered steps that have lead to this point of instability and ungroundedness. A Series of Steps aims to chart this journey and the ramifications this unthought process has left us with in the present and, potentially, in the future."

on 8/10/12
Adrian Doidge said:
This is an aesthetically pleasing work, judging from the photographs, and an interesting concept, that although quite abstract has been streamlined and simplified for the audience quite well. At first glance I couldn't see how the use of typography really expresses the intention of the poster work, it seemed that the symbols (imagery) were doing most of the work communicating to the audience. However, after closer inspection of the images here I saw that the type does reflect the nature of the concept of technology shaping the way we think/perceive. The communication of the symbols is then supported and clarified by the use of typography. I really enjoy this work, and the concept behind it, I hope that we see more of this kind of design coming out of Griffith. Well done.