Face it!

Designers: Lars O Flogstad

Tutor: Dr Oliver Vodeb

Subject: Design in Advertising

Date: 27 Oct, 2011

Lars O. Flogstad brings visual communication in to the real world. Taking a popular gesture out of it’s original Facebook context and making it part of a critical, reflexive and responsive communication approach this aims to create a culture that is about designing futures. Choosing the stencil as the medium, creating a manual for people and using social symbolic actions as “poke”, “friend request”, “like”, “dislike” and “message” for commenting on design related issues, institutions, media, people and cultures Lars argues that instead of clicking FB buttons, people should start doing something in the real world. Conceived as a viral campaign to promote the new Design Futures program, this approach gives QCA a relevant voice without making it a banal commercial product. Btw: Lars wanted to turn the whole QCA building in to a Face it! wall and make it a real time public medium for important issues.