Behind the Fa├žade A Psychogeographic Mapping of South Bank

Designers: Melanie Gupta, Elisabeth Kruiderink

Tutor: Dr Oliver Vodeb

Subject: Visual Communication Design 4

Date: 20 Sep, 2012

The concept for this project emerged from the task to map the relationship between boredom and adventure in the privately owned public space of South Bank, Brisbane. Boredom is mapped as the current state of South Bank through its high level of control, of which we focused on access and surveillance, of opening and closing the space to the public. Adventure was found in an imaginary mapping of an active student culture in the space.

Heavily influenced by psychogeography, we attempted to dérive in popular unities of ambiance in South Bank. We created an A3 folded psychogeographic zine map of these attempts with a focus on access and surveillance in the space. Attached to the map is a transparent layer for users to create their own mapping of the space. For the imaginary futures component of the project we created sound files linked to the four popular points that we mapped. The sound files create a picture of what the space could be like with an active student culture. The project is collated in a blog where participants can upload their mappings and further discuss the issues of privately owned public space.