Pineapple State of Mind

Designers: Sophie van der Drift

Tutor: Dr Oliver Vodeb

Subject: VCD 3

Date: 2 Jun, 2013

Pineapple State of Mind is a zine that critiques Brisbane design culture as a response to our sub-tropical climate. The concept for this zine manifested from my conflicting feelings about relocating to another city with a more established design culture, versus staying in my hometown of Brisbane that is undeniably growing culturally. Suburban case studies, industry profiles, historical Australian texts, old tourism images of a tropical Queensland and photography from family collections develop a collective representation of a past and present Brisbane. I discovered, in the process of this project, that my creative practice is a direct response to the environment in which I've grown up. I also realized the potential that Brisbane has for further cultural development (though it has come along way from its 'crops, rocks and crocs' days) and our capacity as young designers to actively participate in this progress.