Designers: Joel Matheson

Tutor: Jason Grant

Subject: Typo 3

Date: 11 Jun, 2014

‘Liked’ explores the relationship between ritual and new forms of media and its affect on self perception. Here I'm focusing on deconstructing the highly valued Facebook platform. The argument (Facebook as cult) is posed through the representation of user behaviour, drawing cues and amplifying news feed and elements of platform structure (likes, posts, comments, messaging), which are defined by its uncustomisable and constructed setting (user operation in a controlled system). The rhetorical approach aims to reveal this structure to users, which is saturated with the dependency of receiving likes to enhance belonging, illustrating a negative parallel to its psychological impact on people’s lives.

The outcome is presented on a piece of granite stone to mimic the Biblical commandments. The glitch, warp, pixelation and flat graphic iconography used provides technological reference and acts a metaphor to the malfunctioning of social behavior. The juxtaposition of black letter (influenced by biblical script / Barnbrook's ‘Bastard’) and san-serif type (Klavika – Facebook font) enhances the religious connotations.