Human-centred design

There are challenges and constraints lurking when human-centred design is introduced into large organizations and government departments. Design leaders want to bring change – but are often stymied by cultural issues and organizational inertia. What strategies can be used to make ambitious programs of change successful?

UX Coaching

Who is keeping a lookout for the welfare of your team? You may have coaches for Agile, but not for UX? Perhaps you need some help with those knotty human-centred design problems?

Don’t leave your UX people to sink or swim in the deep waters of complexity.

Design research

You need research that is more than skin-deep. Dig deep. Develop a shared understanding throughout your teams and stakeholders of what your ‘users’, your clients and customers, really need. And then you’re ready to proceed on your design journey.

Jim McCool

Jim McCool, the Director of Design Futures, has been involved in human-centred design for over twenty years in both Europe and Australia.

Jim has a Masters Degree from the acclaimed Design Futures program at RMIT. His work has been the catalyst for the successful delivery of award-winning projects for the Commonwealth Bank, ABC Education, IAG insurance and many other enterprise level clients.

He has helped to bring human-centred design methodologies to both federal and state governments, including the Dept of Employment, DFAT, AMSA, Dept of Health, Service NSW, NSW Dept of Justice, and TfNSW.

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