What we’ve been working on recently

Despite the constraints of the pandemic, Jim McCool, the Director of Design Futures Australia, has been busier than ever over the past two years. Working on a wide range of high-profile government projects, often confidential and sensitive in nature, Jim McCool has helped to deliver multiple successful outcomes, using remote working methodologies to the advantage of both public service stakeholders and marginalised client and user groups.


It’s been great to work with those lovely people at Folk, the award winning strategic design agency. Working with Folk, as consultant (contract) Experience Design Lead or Research Lead, in fast-paced, digital transformation environments, Jim has helped deliver (on time, and on budget) major projects for:

  • Dept of Health (Federal Government) – including two prestigious projects that will have major impacts on the delivery of health care right across Australia (these remain confidential until official public release). Jim was responsible for planning and leading all research activities right throughout the design lifecycle, from early discovery research through to concept development and prototyping. Jim was also responsible for planning, designing and facilitating critical stakeholder workshops, developing and presenting research reports, and developing research-based personas and customer journeys. Primarily, Jim’s key role was to lead the human-centred design approach of these critical projects and to instill confidence in the key stakeholders that the outcomes would not only meet the needs of the varied range of audience groups, but also deliver key organisational benefits.
  • Dept. of Health, Aged Care (Federal Government) – multiple projects. Leading Experience Design and Research in this very sensitive area. Working under the particular constraints of the sector is a particular challenge, but Jim was able to deliver on a range of projects, which often included managing the conflicting needs of a wide range of stakeholder groups. Jim was responsible for leading the human-centred design approach, planning and facilitating (often very sensitive and confidential) research on a range of areas in Aged Care, developing personas, user journeys, concept development and prototype research, presenting key recommendations.
  • Dept. of Planning, Industry and the Environment, NSW Government – multiple projects, including major projects highlighting the scope of government investment in precinct development right across NSW, (including a precincts map) and a major new initiative on Asbestos.
  • Fintech Company